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Consensus and Dissent in the Face of Trump’s Cuba Policy 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 19 June 2017 – Over the weekend the official media have repeated ad nauseam the declaration of the government in response to Donald Trump’s speech about his policy toward Cuba. The declaration’s rhetoric recalls the years before the diplomatic thaw, when […] Continue reading
Cuba capitalism blinds tourists from Communist reality George Diaz Orlando Sentinel “So when are you going to Cuba?” I get that a lot, maybe once a week. It’s understandable, since I am a home-grown Cubano, at least until I was almost 5 years old. That’s when my parents, in an act of ultimate sacrifice, left […] Continue reading
Cuba: Tallies and Tales of the Reforms / Vicente Botín Once upon a time… A female cat fell in love with a handsome young man and prayed to the goddess Aphrodite to turn her into a woman. The goddess, pitying the cat’s yearning, transformed her into a beautiful maiden, and the young man, captivated by […] Continue reading
Resumption of U.S.-Cuba diplomatic ties hits one-year mark In an onging rapprochement that was formalized with the restoration of diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Cuba on July 20, 2015, many diplomatic steps have been taken. But there are still big areas of contention between the two nations. BY MIMI WHITEFIELD At a minute […] Continue reading
U.S. chain in bed with Cuban military July 3rd, 2016by Miami Herald Mr. President, what’s wrong with this picture? Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide opens the first U.S.-operated hotel in Cuba in more than five decades. But it’s not a joint enterprise between an American firm and a Cuban entrepreneur, the kind that is supposed […] Continue reading
American hotel deal with Cuba just helps the oppressors Starwood opens first U.S.-operated hotel in in Havana in more than five decades It’s not an opportunity for Cubans to earn a living independent of government Neither is sending Shaquille O’Neal as “Sports Envoy to Cuba” to join celebrity circus BY FABIOLA SANTIAGO Mr. President, […] Continue reading
Why Gloria Estefan Won’t Perform In Cuba For Now 5/20/2016 by Leila Cobo The Rolling Stones may play there. Vin Diesel May film there. The Kardashians may strut there. But beyond the giddy excitement and quaintness of Cuba’s newfound celebrity appeal lie many artists and taste makers who, out of principle, will not perform on […] Continue reading
To change Cuba, speak up for democracy again and again By Editorial Board April 24 at 7:41 PM PRESIDENT OBAMA’S visit to Cuba last month laid down a marker. The president hailed the island’s entrepreneurs, met with dissidents, and encouraged openness and democracy in the presence of President Raúl Castro, who rules without any. The […] Continue reading
Despite Obama visit, global spotlight, Havana cracks down on dissidents Dozens of protestors were detained in Cuba Critics accuse Obama of ignoring the island’s human-rights record Short-term arrests and detentions are common tactics BY MIMI WHITEFIELD As they have for 46 straight Sundays, the dissident Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) marched quietly along […] Continue reading
Foreign minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla spells out Cuba’s new revolution 04/02 14:48 CET The commercial embargoes have been falling one after the other. The official visit of Raul Castro to France talked about a new reality between Cuba and Europe. Between Cuba and the World. Symbols were in evidence. In August 2015 there was another […] Continue reading
This is not the time to go to Cuba, Mr. President Planned trip to Cuba in March would make Obama look weak. U.S. has gotten short end of ‘normalization’ deal. There will be time for such a trip, but that time is not now. BY MICHAEL PUTNEY President Obama wants to go to Cuba […] Continue reading
How Cuba is, and isn’t, changing, one year after the thaw with the U.S. By Nick Miroff December 15 at 7:00 AM HAVANA — No event in decades shook up Cuba like the announcement last Dec. 17 by presidents Obama and Raul Castro that their countries would begin normalizing long-broken relations. In the 12 months […] Continue reading
Hawaiian Shirts and Mojitos Will Not Free Cuba US Tourism Only Lines Castro’s Pockets, Says Exiled Journalist Ninoska Pérez VANESSA ARITA OCTOBER 23, 2015 AT 10:14 AM Despite the ongoing repression of citizens on the island, Cuba is set to become a new tourist destination for US residents. (Travel Blog) EspañolFollowing renewed diplomatic relations with […] Continue reading
Advancing human rights in Cuba The pope might start with embracing Cuba’s true heroes By George Phillips – – Thursday, September 10, 2015 In the 1980s when Lech Walesa boldly stood up to his oppressive Communist government in Poland, he was embraced by Pope John Paul II, the news media and opponents of communism everywhere. […] Continue reading
Welcome, Mr. Kerry / Ivan Garcia Posted on August 16, 2015 Ivan Garcia, 15 August 2015 — In Luis García Berlanga’s impressive 1953 film, Welcome Mr. Marshall, the mayor, priest and townspeople of Villar del Río await the visit of George Marshall, the American secretary of state from 1947 to 1949. In the film, Marshall […] Continue reading
Opening for Business A former Marielito positions himself as an entrepreneur in the new Cuba. BY JON LEE ANDERSON One night not long ago, in a new restaurant in Havana called VIPs, the owner, a white-haired Catalan named Jordi, was speculating about what life might be like in Cuba after a reconciliation with the United […] Continue reading
The Castros’ New Friend [14-05-2015 22:57:34] James Kirchick ( Obama’s change of policy helps Cuba’s oppressive regime, not its democratic dissidents I’ve visited more than my fair share of dictatorships, but Cuba is the only one where travelers at the airport must pass through a metal detector uponentering, in addition to leaving, the country. Immediately […] Continue reading
A Miami Congressman Adamantly Defends Isolating Cuba By DAMIEN CAVEMARCH 4, 2014 Representative Mario Díaz-Balart, the Republican congressman from Miami, has been a leader among the pro-embargo constituency for years, serving in Congress since 2003. His aunt, Mirta, was Fidel Castro’s first wife, leading many to argue that the divide between Cuba and the United […] Continue reading
Posted on Friday, 01.31.14 Summit in Cuba was mostly political tourism BY ANDRES OPPENHEIMER AOPPENHEIMER@MIAMIHERALD.COM Last week’s summit of Latin American leaders in Cuba was a textbook case of political tourism and empty pledges, but something very good may have come out of it — saving the four-country Pacific Alliance trade bloc. The leaders of […] Continue reading
Posted on Wednesday, 05.15.13 Crackdown on Afro-Cubans destroys myth of racial equality BY JON B. PERDUE Twitter@jonperdue OSLO, Norway At the time of Fidel Castro’s takeover of Cuba in 1959, “separate but equal” was the norm in much of the Western world. Castro won plaudits from early supporters for banning the practice of separate facilities […] Continue reading
Posted on Monday, 04.29.13 Ladies in White leader wants U.S. to maintain hard-line on Cuba By Juan O. Tamayo The leader of Cuba’s dissident Ladies in White, Berta Soler, Monday called for maintaining the U.S. trade embargo and limiting travel to the island until the Raúl Castro government respects human rights. Castro’s economic and […] Continue reading
Posted on Sunday, 07.29.12 OSWALDO PAYA | CUBAN DISSIDENT MOVEMENT Payá's death leaves leadership gap in Cuba dissident movement that's hard to fill Oswaldo Payá, unquestionably the most centrist of Cuba's opposition leaders, was also one of the movement's giants. By Juan O. Tamayo The death of Oswaldo Payá has left a gap in […] Continue reading
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