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Assassins, Accomplices, and Victims (II) / Ángel Santiesteban Ángel Santiesteban, 2 September 2016 — After writing what will now be considered the first part of this post, and publishing it under this same title, I was arrested by State Security; however it was not the writing, and much less the visibility that it would attain […] Continue reading
A Year After Rapprochement, Cubans Still Waiting for Change Alberto Pimienta Last updated on: December 17, 2015 11:30 AM WASHINGTON— A year ago, after months of secret negotiations, the leaders of Cuba and the U.S. announced in almost simultaneous speeches the two nations were restoring diplomatic ties after 54 years. Around noon on national television, […] Continue reading
Yamilé Garro Alfonso: ‘Being a Lady in White has taught me to appreciate the desire for freedom’ Posted on December 11, 2015 Diario de Cuba, Havana, 10 December 2015 — Yamilé Garro Alfonso was just a housewife, the mother of a baby and a teenager, when regime forces arrested her sister Sonia and her brother-in-law […] Continue reading
Open Letter to Pope Francis for the Release of “El Sexto” Posted on September 14, 2015 Freedom for Danilo Open Letter to the Pope Havana, September 8, 2015 Your Holiness, Pope Francis: In advance of your visit to our island, a group of Cuban citizens wish to call your attention to a case that needs […] Continue reading
The Lives Of Opposition Leaders Have Their Names On The Government’s Blacklist / Angel Santiesteban Posted on July 1, 2015 Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, 3 June 2015If the Cuban dictatorship has an enemy, it is themselves, as an institution of evil. After committing their outrages, the injustices and atrocities carried out by their henchmen who commit the […] Continue reading
From Villa Marista They Threaten to Delay Angel Santiesteban’s Release / Lilianne Ruiz Posted on June 13, 2015 Lilianne Ruiz, 12 June 2015 –Last Saturday, officials of Section 21 of the Ministry of the Interior returned to take Santiesteban from the prison where he is held in Jaimanita to Villa Marista. There he spent twelve […] Continue reading
More than 70 Ladies in White and Activists Arrested / Diario de Cuba Posted on June 9, 2015 Diario de Cuba, Havana, 7 June 2015 – Over 40 Ladies in White and some 27 activists were arrested this Sunday, the ninth of repressive operations in Havana, according to dissidents. Among those arrested were the musician […] Continue reading
If it were up to them, they’d shoot me / Angel Santiesteban Posted on January 20, 2015 Warning: The regime in Havana has prepared a new legal trap for Ángel. As is already public knowledge, Ángel Santiesteban has been held in a military border patrol base in Jaimanitas since August 13. He was placed there […] Continue reading
Amidst Rumors and Disinformation, Angel Santiesteban Continues Missing Posted on August 18, 2014 {*Translator’s Note: Angel disappeared from prison on July 21, 2014. As of today he has not been heard from for 29 days.} Five days* have passed now since the disappearance of the writer Angel Santiesteban in Havana, barely hours after he wrote […] Continue reading
What This Media Outlet Got Wrong About Efforts to Promote Freedom in Cuba Ana Quintana / @Ana_R_Quintana / August 06, 2014 Ana Quintana is a research associate in The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies. She specializes in U.S. policy toward Latin America. Earlier this week, the Associated Press ran an investigative piece […] Continue reading
Sonia Garro’s trial postponed once more As Sonia Garro’s trial has been again postponed, after initially being announced for June 30th, the Czech NGO People in Need would like to express its concerns about the potential outcome of her case. She has been accused of aggression, public disorder and attempted murder against a policeman who […] Continue reading
Easter No. 3 for a Prisoner of Castro Bearing witness to Cuba’s political persecution costs Sonia Garro her freedom. By MARY ANASTASIA O’GRADY April 20, 2014 5:34 p.m. ET Christians the world over celebrated the resurrection of their savior on Sunday with worship services and family gatherings. Thirty-eight-year-old Sonia Garro shares the faith too, but […] Continue reading
Keep the human rights abusers off U.N. council By Editorial Board, Published: November 10 IN RECENT WEEKS, an imprisoned Cuban human rights activist and rapper, Angel Yunier Remón, known as “El Critico,” has been on a hunger strike against his incarceration, and is reported to be near death. An innovative artist with an underground following […] Continue reading
Sonia Garro, Optimistic in Prison Remains a Lady in White / Lilianne Ruiz Posted on November 2, 2013 HAVANA, Cuba, November 1, 2013, The trial of the White Lady Sonia Garro, which had been scheduled for today, was suspended yesterday without explanation by the authorities. Her lawyer, Amelia Rodriguez Cala, appeared before the People’s […] Continue reading
Sonia Garro’s Husband Speaks From Prison about the Accusation of Murder / Augusto Cesar San Martin Posted on September 18, 2013 HAVANA, Cuba , September 17, 2013 , In a phone call this morning, from the Combinado del Este prison, political prisoner Ramón Muñoz described as embarrassing the prosecutor’s request for a sentence between […] Continue reading
They Are Prosecuting an Activist Against Evictions in Old Havana / Luis Felipe Rojas Posted on July 13, 2013 The opponent Madelín Lázara Caraballo, detained for nine months in a prison for HIV-AIDS sufferers, in San Jose de las Lajas, will be tried Wednesday at the Old Havana municipal court. She is accused of the […] Continue reading
Cuba: 500 Detentions in February Rights group also says political prisoner died after hunger strike. By Camilo Ganga – Latin America 26 Mar 13 Two Cuban human rights groups that report on arbitrary arrests recorded an increase in politically-motivated detentions in February compared with the previous month. The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National [...] Continue reading
18 March 2013 Cuban activists talk about lack of basic freedoms, 10 years on from mass crackdown "The catalogue of repression and harassment suffered by José Daniel Ferrer García since his release illustrates the current strategy by the Cuban authorities under which activists are arrested for short periods of time to discourage them from speaking […] Continue reading
Cuba: The Time to Fill the Jails Came Again / Ivan Garcia #Cuba Ivan Garcia, Translator: mlk Trying to analyze the strategy of the Castro brothers is an exercise in pure abstraction. Their way of moving tokens on the political board tends to go against logic. The incarceration of 75 dissidents ordered by Fidel Castro […] Continue reading
The Solitude of the Desert / Angel Santiesteban Angel Santiesteban, Translator: Unstated Translator's note: This blog post does NOT relate to Angel's most recent arrest this week. It relates to a series of criminal charges the regime fabricated against him in order to be able to imprison him as a "criminal" rather than as a […] Continue reading
When a Friend Leaves / Jeovany Jimenez Vega Jeovany J. Vega, Translator: Unstated It leaves an empty space … my friend Alfredo goes into exile. In March 2003, that Black Spring, chaos erupted in his life. The son of Alfredo Felipe Fuentes, an opponent of the regime, and Loyda Valdes Gonzalez, Lady in White. His […] Continue reading
Posted on Monday, 03.19.12 Many hope Pope Benedict will address tough issues in CubaBy Mimi WhitefieldThe Miami Herald For centuries, pilgrims have come to the Our Lady of Charity shrine with wishes for a cure for ill health, a better economy, and improved relationships. Now Cubans inside and outside the island also have a long [...] Continue reading
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