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My view: The U.S. should keep the Cuba embargo in place By Daisy Penaloza For the Deseret News Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2016 12:10 a.m. MST Summary A year has elapsed since normalization talks were divulged between the United States and Cuba, and the prophetic words of Cuba’s dissidents reverberate within the current, grim reality […] Continue reading
Abuse In Cuba’s Valle Grande Prison / 14ymedio, Manuel Morejon Posted on January 4, 2016 14ymedio, Manuel Alberto Morejón, Havana, 30 December 2015 – From Havana, the supervisor of the Christian Alliance sent 14ymedio several prisoners’ testimonies collected in the Valle Grande prison, which make up a small sample of the abuse they are subjected […] Continue reading
Political Prisoner ‘Freed’ by Cuba Deal on Day 81 of Prison Hunger Strike by FRANCES MARTEL 31 Dec 2015 Vladimir Morera Bacallao, a Cuban dissident allegedly freed as part of President Obama’s deal with Cuba but sentenced to four years in prison shortly after being released, is currently on his 81st day of a hunger […] Continue reading
Abandoned by the Pope, Will Cuba’s Political Prisoners Abandon All Hope? By Nat Hentoff This article appeared on on October 14, 2015. In my last column, I reported on the suffering of Cuba’s dissidents and political prisoners, which has only increased since President Obama normalized relations. The reconciliation between Cuba and the United States […] Continue reading
Activists Arrested for Approaching the Pope on Hunger Strike / 14ymedio Posted on September 24, 2015 14ymedio, 24 September 2015 — The three activists of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) arrested on Sunday during Pope Francis’s Mass Francisco in the Plaza of the Revolution in Havana remain on hunger strike, according to a Thursday […] Continue reading
Letter from Cuban Pro-Democracy Leaders to the U.S. Congress at 8:58 PM Thursday, September 24, 2015 It is with profound concern that we implore the Congress of the United States of America to read this letter directed against the strong campaign being waged to unconditionally lift the economic sanctions that weigh upon the Cuban dictatorship. […] Continue reading
Pope On Dissidents In Cuba: “I Did Not Give Audiences To Anyone” / EFE, 14ymedio Posted on September 24, 2015 EFE (14ymedio), Aboard the Papal plane, 22 September 2015 — Pope Francis said Tuesday that during his stay in Cuba he had no plans to grant audiences to “anyone,” on being questioned about why he […] Continue reading
Regime Arrests Berta Soler and Martha Beatriz Roque When They Go to Greet the Pope / Diario de Cuba Posted on September 20, 2015 Diario de Cuba, 20 September 2015, Havana–The government opponent Martha Beatriz Roque was arrested this Saturday in Havana, activist Ailer González reported via Twitter. Sources from the Ladies in White informed […] Continue reading
Cuban dissidents demand more active Church mediation with Havana 13/09/2015 – 20:34 Havana, Sep 13 (EFE).- Dissidents in Cuba are awaiting the visit of Pope Francis to the island with moderate expectations and praised the pardoning of about 3,500 prisoners announced by the Raul Castro government but are demanding that the Catholic Church take on […] Continue reading
About 140 dissidents arrested in Cuba while heading to Mass to celebrate feast day Published September 09, 2015 EFE HAVANA – About 140 Cuban dissidents were arrested Tuesday as they were going to attend a Mass at the Lady of Caridad del Cobre Church to celebrate the feast day of the island’s patron saint, sources […] Continue reading
More than 100 dissidents arrested in Cuba while heading to Mass Published September 08, 2015 EFE About 140 Cuban dissidents were arrested Tuesday as they were going to attend a Mass at the Lady of Caridad del Cobre Church to celebrate the feast day of the island’s patron saint, sources within the dissident movement told […] Continue reading
Transparency, Honesty and Free Information: Exotic Ideals in Cuba / Ivan Garcia Posted on August 31, 2015 Ivan Garcia, 21 June 2015 — When Berta Soler, leader of one of three splinter groups of the Ladies in White, convened a referendum on her continued command of the organization following a scandal in Fall 2014 regarding […] Continue reading
An opening for Cuban freedom? Aug 18 2015 12:01 am The re-opening of the America Embassy in Havana on Friday was a historic occasion. So fittingly, Secretary of State John Kerry was there — as were three U.S. Marines who took down the U.S. flag from our embassy 54 years ago — along with many […] Continue reading
Protesters in Cuba Send a Message to President Obama By Wearing These Masks BY JOE PERTICONE Nearly 90 individual activists were arrested in Cuba on Sunday, just days ahead of Secretary of State John Kerry’s expected visit to the new American embassy on communist island-nation. According to Agence France-Presse, Cuban security forces engaged and arrested […] Continue reading
Arrested: 90 dissidents and Ladies in White Who Protested in Obama Masks / Diario de Cuba Posted on August 9, 2015, Havana, 9 August 2015 – Some 60 Ladies in White and 30 human rights activists were arrested this Sunday in Havana where they protested while wearing masks with the image of United States […] Continue reading
Cuba arrests 90 dissidents at protest march Havana (AFP) – With tense bilateral ties recently renewed after five decades, and top US diplomat John Kerry due in Havana in days, Cuba arrested some 90 activists on Sunday. Cuban security forces rounded up marchers — about 50 with the Ladies in White dissident group and around […] Continue reading
Dozens of Activists Detained in Havana Following the Ladies in White March / Diario de Cuba, Angel Moya Posted on July 29, 2015 Diario de Cuba, Angel Moya, Havana, 26 July 2015 – Some 60 activists were arrested this past Sunday in Havana following the customary Sunday march of the Ladies in White, reported government […] Continue reading
Cuban Police Arrest More Than 220 Dissidents, According To Activists / Hablemos Press, Roberto de Jesús Guerra Posted on June 29, 2015 The most arrests took place on Sunday in Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba Hablemos Press, Roberto de Jesús Guerra Peréz, Havana, 29 June 2015 — Offices of the National Police, the Department […] Continue reading
Without Freedom, Without Justice, Without Law / Amir Valle and Elisa Tabakman Posted on June 29, 2015 New Violations of Ángel Santiesteban’s Rights Amir Valle and Elisa Tabakman, 28 June, 2015 — Today, June 28, 2015, Angel Santiesteban Prats should have been released on parole after having served exactly half of his unjust sentence. In […] Continue reading
CUBA: CATHOLIC CHURCH BANS RELATIVES OF POLITICAL PRISONERS FROM MASS by FRANCES MARTEL29 Jun 20153 A Catholic church in the central Cuban city of Cienfuegos has banned female relatives of political prisoners from attending mass unless they no longer wear white, a color associated with political imprisonment in the nation. The slight to families of […] Continue reading
Cuban Cardinal Set Straight after “No Political Prisoners” Claim Dissidents Call Out Archbishop for Currying Favor with Castro Regime BELÉN MARTY JUNE 22, 2015 AT 4:01 PM According to the Cuban Cardinal and Havana Archbishop Jaime Ortega, there are no political prisoners on the island, just common criminals. His statements during an interview on a […] Continue reading
Fidel Castro’s “Hardships” in Prison / Cubanet, Roberto Jesus Quinones Posted on May 16, 2015 “We sleep with the lights off, we have no roll calls or formations all day, we get up whenever (…) Plenty of water, electric lights, food, clean clothes and all for free”, Roberto Jesus Quinones Haces, Guantanamo, 15 May […] Continue reading
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