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Assassins, Accomplices, and Victims (II) / Ángel Santiesteban Ángel Santiesteban, 2 September 2016 — After writing what will now be considered the first part of this post, and publishing it under this same title, I was arrested by State Security; however it was not the writing, and much less the visibility that it would attain […] Continue reading
New Cuban journalism emerges on the internet, beyond official and opposition media Digital journalism has arrived in Cuba, in the Cuban way. BY DANIEL WIZENBERG Knight Center Rodolfo Romero is 27 years-old. He received money from the government to finance a news site. It was going to be called Cuba accuses (Cuba acusa) but he […] Continue reading
Six facts about censorship in Cuba By Josefina Salomon, 11 March 2016, 00:00 UTC To mark the World Day against Cyber Censorship on 12 March, here are six things you should know about free speech, the internet and online censorship in Cuba. The re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba in December 2014 […] Continue reading
Cuban protest artist El Sexto: ‘You have to keep at it until you change their minds’ By Louise Tillotson, Researcher on the Caribbean at Amnesty International, 21 December 2015, 00:01 UTC Danilo Maldonado Machado, known as “El Sexto”, is a Cuban artist and former prisoner of conscience who spent 10 months behind bars for planning […] Continue reading
Pinning hopes on the leadership of Pope Francis Expectations for Pope Francis’ visit run the gamut Political fireworks implicit in his Cuba-U.S. schedule Dissidents, Ladies in White on government lockdown BY FABIOLA SANTIAGO I confess: I’m a bad Catholic. I’m a bad Cuban, after four decades of citizenship, too Americanized. In Trumpian corners, I’m […] Continue reading
Open Letter to Pope Francis for the Release of “El Sexto” Posted on September 14, 2015 Freedom for Danilo Open Letter to the Pope Havana, September 8, 2015 Your Holiness, Pope Francis: In advance of your visit to our island, a group of Cuban citizens wish to call your attention to a case that needs […] Continue reading
Did The Kerry Visit To Cuba Matter? by Elliott Abrams August 17, 2015 Secretary of State Kerry traveled to Havana to raise the flag at the U.S. Embassy there last week. As has been noted here in this blog and in many news articles and columns, no dissidents or human rights activists were invited to […] Continue reading
Restore Sovereignty to the People If You Want To Avoid another Revolution / 14ymedio, Pedro Campos Posted on July 27, 2015 A pandemic of freedom floods our senses. Juan Carlos Cremata 14ymedio, Pedro Campos and other authors, Havana, 25 July 2015 – It will soon be 62 years since a group of young men headed […] Continue reading
Ladies in White on My Street Corner May 27, 2015 Vicente Morin Aguado HAVANA TIMES — I took the photo from a prudent distance, as the incident took me by complete surprise. A reporter armed with equipment more powerful than my modest cell phone was also covering all developments. Absorbed by her work, much like […] Continue reading
Cuban dissidents out of prison but not entirely free By Daniel Trotta and Rosa Tania Valdés HAVANA (Reuters) – Most of the 53 Cuban prisoners released from jail under a historic U.S.-Cuba accord remain bound to the justice system under conditions that could easily return them to prison, dissident leaders say. While they doubt Cuba’s […] Continue reading
DOCUMENT – FURTHER INFORMATION: CUBA: SENTENCING OF THREE BROTHERS POSTPONED Further information on UA: 201/13 Index: AMR 25/003/2014 Cuba Date: 15 July 2014 URGENT ACTION sentencing of three brothers postponed The sentencing of three prisoners of conscience originally scheduled for 1 July has been postponed with no further information. They are prisoners of conscience and […] Continue reading
Rafael Alcides about the Official Novel against Angel Santiesteban Posted on September 25, 2013 I present to you here the article that writer and poet Rafael Alcides published in the blog Penúltimos Días about the judicial farce mounted against Angel Santiesteban with the sole and hidden objective of silencing his critical and damning voice about […] Continue reading
Guillermo Martinez: Change will occur in Cuba, but mainly from within Por Guillermo Martinez para El Sentinel Columnist June 6, 2013 The sequence never changes. Just as night follows day, in the days following a visit by a Hollywood or Latin American star to Cuba, stories pop up demanding the United States lift the embargo […] Continue reading
The Solitude of the Desert / Angel Santiesteban Angel Santiesteban, Translator: Unstated Translator's note: This blog post does NOT relate to Angel's most recent arrest this week. It relates to a series of criminal charges the regime fabricated against him in order to be able to imprison him as a "criminal" rather than as a […] Continue reading
The Perverse Path of Repression / Agustin Valentin Lopez Canino Agustin Valentin Lopez Canino, Translator: Unstated L is for Liberty "Good morning," said the woman with the thick voice and deep tone. My sister responded in kind and the woman began offering medications for sale. The clock indicated it was seven minutes past eight in […] Continue reading
Ladies in Black, An Ignored Antecedent / Dimas Castellano Dimas Castellanos, Translator: Unstated In 1915, the wives of the members of the Independent Party of Color managed something the Ladies in White have been denied in the 21st century. Article originally published in Diario de Cuba. Marking the 100th anniversary of the crime committed against […] Continue reading
When a Friend Leaves / Jeovany Jimenez Vega Jeovany J. Vega, Translator: Unstated It leaves an empty space … my friend Alfredo goes into exile. In March 2003, that Black Spring, chaos erupted in his life. The son of Alfredo Felipe Fuentes, an opponent of the regime, and Loyda Valdes Gonzalez, Lady in White. His […] Continue reading
Posted on Monday, 04.02.12 Church makes dangerous bargain with CastroBY JOSE The malevolence of the Castro brothers during their five decades regime is well documented: 3,615 executions by firing squad, 1,253 extrajudicial killings, the imprisonment of thousands of political prisoners in subhuman conditions, the 1994 tugboat massacre, the depravation of basic freedoms and the [...] Continue reading
Another Irreplaceable Loss / Rosa María Rodríguez TorradoRosa María Rodríguez Torrado, Translator: Jackie Isaksen Once again Cuban society darkens from the avoidable death of another of its members. The peaceful protestor Wilman Villar Mendoza was detained in a police offensive carried out in Contramaestre, a province of Santiago of Cuba, unjustly and quickly condemned to [...] Continue reading

Cubans test official limits on criticism
By Peter Orsi
Associated Press
Published: Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011 6:50 a.m. MDT

PINAR DEL RIO, Cuba — Pedro Pablo Oliva was the kind of model citizen
the Cuban government wants to show the… Continue reading

Despite surname, Cuba's new Castro may upset low expectations

As professionals working closely on Cuban foreign policy and human
rights, we were dismayed to read Michael Fernandez's column "In Cuba, a
self-sustaining, repressive machine (still)" 4/25. While rightly
condemning the… Continue reading

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