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Whom Do They Serve? / Fernando Dámaso Fernando Damaso, 28 June 2017 — Whether at the municipal or provincial level, the people’s administrative councils are supposed to be looking out primarily for the interests of their constituents and, in conjunction with them, carrying out the duties of local governance. But due to the inaccessible and […] Continue reading
Trump And Cuba, Or How To Bet On The Wrong Winner 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 13 June 2017 – In less than 72 hours President Donald Trump will declare in Miami the new basis for the United States government’s policies towards Cuba. At that time the decisions of his predecessor Barack Obama, during the process […] Continue reading
Lady In White Sentenced To Almost Three Years In Prison For Alleged Crime Of ‘Attack’ 14ymedio, Havana, 25 April 2017 — On Tuesday morning the Court in Havana’s municipality of Diez de Octubre, confirmed the prosecutor’s request of two years and eight months in jail for Micaela Roll Gibert, 53. The woman, a member of […] Continue reading
Fidel Castro’s Battle of Ideas… Political Pantomime / Somos+, Roberto Camba How much truth can a man take? Friedrich Nietzsche Somos+, Roberto Camba, 12 September 2016 — They say it began with the fight to return the young rescued rafter Elian Gonzalez from the United States to Cuba. Really it was much earlier, since the […] Continue reading
State Security seeks to bribe a “Lady in White” with special care for her sick daughter BORIS GONZÁLEZ ARENAS | La Habana | 21 de Junio de 2016 – 9:17 am. Ada María López Canino is Lady in White (Dama de Blanco), the national coordinator of the Network of Independent Libraries, author of the blog […] Continue reading
The regime again prevents the Ladies in White from attending mass at Santa Rita DDC | La Habana | 17 Mayo 2016 – 10:47 am. This Sunday the regime again prevented the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) from making their way from their headquarters in Lawton to Miramar to attend mass at Havana’s Santa […] Continue reading
The Repression Obama Did Not See in Havana / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 22 March 2016 — Just when Air Force One landed at 2 pm at the Andrew military base on the way to Havana, forty-six Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) walked in file along the central promenade of 5th Avenue, with photos, […] Continue reading
Despite Obama visit, global spotlight, Havana cracks down on dissidents Dozens of protestors were detained in Cuba Critics accuse Obama of ignoring the island’s human-rights record Short-term arrests and detentions are common tactics BY MIMI WHITEFIELD As they have for 46 straight Sundays, the dissident Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) marched quietly along […] Continue reading
He is Obama, Not God / Iván García Posted on February 28, 2016 Ivan Garcia, 24 February 2016 — Neither American economic power nor Barack Obama’s oratorical skills seem to be enough to satisfy exaggerated, unreasonable or personal demands from the diverse group of Obama fans who make up Cuban society. The national psyche is […] Continue reading
Cuba: Communists Burn Copies of U.N. Human Rights Declaration Before Dissident HQ by FRANCES MARTEL24 Jan 2016 Cuban anti-communist dissidents have denounced communist agents – many, they say, Cuban soldiers disguised as civilians – for attacking the headquarters of the Ladies in White group, setting a fire in front of the building, and burning copies […] Continue reading
Opposition Marchers Should Change Their Strategy / Ivan Garcia Posted on January 17, 2016 Ivan Garcia, 13 January 2016 — There were more than seven thousand arrests of dissidents in 2015, with most detentions lasting several hours. Beatings, harassment, acts of repudiation and degrading treatment by police are common in Cuba. Political reforms are not […] Continue reading
Ladies in White Headquarters Surrounded by State Security / 14ymedio, Orlando Palma Posted on December 18, 2015 14ymedio, Orlando Palma, Havana, 18 December 2015 — On Friday morning, the political police surrounded the headquarters of the Ladies in White in the Havana’s Lawton district, blocking entrance to several activists who arrived for the traditional literary […] Continue reading
The unlikely chance of a serious human rights debate in Cuba 19 October 2015, 13:08 UTC Nearly a month since Pope Francis ended his historic visit to Cuba, any hope that authorities would loosen control on free expression in the country is fading as fast as the chants that welcomed him. At the start of […] Continue reading
NAT HENTOFF: Rewarding Cuba leads to escalation in repression of Cuban dissidents POSTED: 10/14/15, 2:00 AM EDT On Dec. 10, 2014, the Cuban government marked the 64th anniversary of international Human Rights Day with sweeping nationwide arrests of pro-democracy dissidents. One week later, on Dec. 17, President Obama announced that the United States and Cuba […] Continue reading
On third pope visit, Cuba and dissidents fight same battle By Daniel Trotta HAVANA (Reuters) – The popes change, but the images are similar: plain-clothed Cuban security agents wrestling with dissidents to prevent them delivering messages to the pontiff. Cuba’s small but vocal dissident groups have become a focal point of Pope Francis’ visit to […] Continue reading
Dozens Of Activists Detained To Prevent Them From Attending Pope’s Mass / 14ymedio Posted on September 20, 2015 14ymedio, Havana, 20 September 2015 — Opposition groups have reported dozens of arrests during the late night and morning hours of Sunday, to prevent many activists from attending Pope Francis’s Mass at the Plaza of the Revolution. […] Continue reading
Cuba detains dissidents ahead of Pope Francis visit HAVANA | BY MARC FRANK Cuban police detained about 50 people when a predominantly Roman Catholic dissident group led a march in Havana on Sunday, less than a week before Pope Francis visits the communist-ruled country. Such detentions have become common following regular Sunday marches by the […] Continue reading
Chilean Congressman Among Those Arrested In The March Of The Ladies In White / 14ymedio Posted on September 6, 2015 14ymedio, Havana, 6 September 2015 – This Sunday 49 Ladies in White and 15 activists marched along Fifth Avenue in Havana’s Miramar neighborhood, surrounded by a strong police operation. At the end of the pilgrimage […] Continue reading
“They forced me not to dream”: Interview with Angel Santiesteban / 14ymedio, Lilianne Ruiz Posted on July 25, 2015 14ymedio, Lilianne Ruiz, 24 July 2015 – In the Border Guard facility where Angel Santiesteban spent his last year in prison, he heard the sound of the sea. Inside his less than nine by twelve foot […] Continue reading
The Mariel Exodus: State Terrorism / Cubanet, Roberto Jesus Quinones Posted on April 1, 2015 Against the “scum,” acts of repudiation, beatings and humiliations. Against Florida, an invasion of the unemployed, Roberto Jesus Quinones Haces, Guantanamo, 1 April 2015 – On the first of April 1980 a bus was driven through the entrance to […] Continue reading
Última hora: cientos de detenidos ¡La represión al minuto! Bertha Soler fue detenida. Acosado Guillermo Fariñas. La represión cubrió toda la Isla. Cuba es signataria de la DDH, pero no ha ratificado el Pacto de Derechos Civiles y Políticos miércoles, diciembre 10, 2014 | CubaNet Hoy, 10 de diciembre, se conmemora el Día de los […] Continue reading
Cuba detains activists in skirmishes on Human Rights Day By Daniel Trotta HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuban police detained peaceful demonstrators at a busy Havana square on Wednesday, shoving dissidents into squad cars in front of onlookers on international Human Rights Day. Police snatched demonstrators intermittently as they arrived individually or in small groups over some […] Continue reading
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