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Historic Change In Crisis As John Kerry Cancels Cuba Trip
March 3, 2016 11:31 PM

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There appears to be a major bump in the road in
negotiations between the U.S. and Cuba regarding human rights.

So much so, it’s believed to be the reason Secretary of State John Kerry
has canceled his trip to Cuba ahead of the president’s historic visit.

The Cuban government is balking at allowing President Barack Obama –
when he travels to Cuba in late March – to speak to specific dissidents
which a keystone of his visit.

Human rights issues have always been a major sticking point between the
U.S. and Cuba since the Obama administration extended their hand to the
Castro brothers.

News of Kerry’s trip cancellation traveled through the South Florida
community like wildfire.

“The Obama administration is waking up to the sad reality that we all
know is that Castro will change when Castro wants to change,” Rep.
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Harassment, detentions, beatings have continued unabated since the
president announced his policy towards Cuba and since the embassy opened up.

“Maybe it is to send the Castro regime a message: ‘Clean up you act.’ At
least for a month, so that when Obama gets here we don’t have the
embarrassment of the Ladies In White, this very peaceful group, getting
their heads beaten up.”

“What the Cubans want out of the Americans is the tourist dollars,” said
Cuba policy expert Andy Gomez.

And that is happening, but Cuba, to this point, has not allowed
American-based airlines, cruise ships and businesses to operate on the
island nation.

So there hasn’t been approval on anything, while the dissent issue has
festered to the boiling point.

“I have to believe that, thinking like a Cuban, the Cubans within two,
three days, the Cubans will hand to the state department and say, ‘Here
is a list of the dissidents you Mr. Secretary and president can meet,’”
Gomez said.

It now becomes a waiting game to see if President Obama’s trip is hung
up on this issue.

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