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Chilean lawmaker beaten, arrested during protest in Cuba
Published September 07, 2015 EFE

A right-wing Chilean congressman just back from a private visit to Cuba
complained Monday that he was beaten, handcuffed and held for nearly
three hours by Cuban authorities for participating in a peaceful
demonstration by the Ladies in White dissident organization in Havana.

“Without any dialogue, a shock group of the Castro regime arrived; they
proceeded to beat those of us who were marching, without asking us for
any identification and they arrested us,” Felipe Kast told reporters at
Santiago’s international airport.

He added that he remained under detention for more than 2 1/2 hours
until he was permitted to make a telephone call.

“There was no dialogue, the shock group of approximately 100 people
simply arrived in vehicles, in buses, and I was knocked to the ground,
handcuffed and taken to another place without being able to explain or
learning any reason for it,” he said.

Kast thanked Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz and the country’s
ambassador in Cuba, Gonzalo Mendoza, for their efforts to obtain his
release and added that he had traveled to Havana to spend time with
relatives who live on the island.

He said that the people who arrested him probably did not know that he
was a Chilean lawmaker.

“I imagine that they didn’t know I was a legislator, which makes it just
as serious as if they would have known,” said Kast, who added that each
week the members of the Ladies in White suffer the same treatment to
which he was subjected.

Pro-government lawmaker Jorge Tarud, chairman of the Foreign Relations
Committee in Chile’s lower house, expressed his outrage at Kast’s
arrest, but he added that the lawmaker had not informed the Chilean
Embassy in Cuba of his intention to participate in a demonstration.

Meanwhile, Communist congressman Daniel Nuñez said that Kast had tried
to obstruct the strengthening of relations between Santiago and Havana
after Muñoz’s official visit to Cuba last week. EFE

Source: Chilean lawmaker beaten, arrested during protest in Cuba | Fox
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